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Co Curricular Activities

Co Curricular Activities

We are committed to maintain a rich and diverse co- curricular program at every grade levels. The diverse co-curricular program is driven by our mission statement, which not only stresses academic development but also balance opportunities in leadership, arts and athletics.

Activities related to the kinesthetic and emotional developments of every student are integral part of our school’s curriculum. Co-curricular activities include individual and team sports such as Football, Throw ball, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Martial Arts, Athletics and Performing Arts such as music, dance, drama, arts, craft and yoga. In addition to enriching school life and building a spirit of fun and community, it enables students to explore their passions, discover their own voices as well as learn and practice their executive functions.

KVN has an extensive range of co-curricular activities and programs to give every child the opportunity to find areas of interest and challenge.

  • Sports
    • Football
    • Cricket
    • Kho-Kho
    • Badminton
    • Athletics
    • Karate
    • Yoga
    • Table Tennis
    • Chess
  • Perming Arts
    • Music
    • Dance
    • Arts
    • Craft with Origami
    • Yoga
  • Kerala United Foot Ball Club
  • Gym
  • Football Ground
  • Hostel
  • Certified Coach
  • Participation in Matches