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Our Patron

Our Patron

Mr.Purushothaman N.V, our chairman provides the vision and strategic direction to the School. He has the long-term perspective planning and designing of learning processes of the entire institution.

With a stern willpower and persistent efforts he scaled new heights and turned out to be an Engineer. With his repute and caliber, he had adorned envious posts in the Persian Gulf for decades. He is secular in his outlook, democratic in his attitude and firm in his convictions. His clear perspective and composite vision of an engineer converts the visionary dreams into reality with a missionary zeal. He, with the pleasing presence of his wife Mrs. Sarala Purushothaman, the Chairperson, of Kailasanadha, is a perpetual source of inspiration for the entire institution.

Their strong academic thrust, embedded in universal and traditional values, empowers the students to become winners from the very outset.

Present day hi-tech and state of the art techniques have been able to mould mentally and physically strong individuals but fail in the social and emotional aspects.

Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. So this noble task that runs from cradle to grave has to be undertaken seriously and guided and directed properly and purposefully. In our country, this purposefulness seems to have been lost, right from the basic home environment. Gross indiscipline has crept in as an outcome of the diminishing joint family system and degradation of cultural values. Apparently, there are undesirable forces trying like parasites to eliminate the Indian cultural glory and the indelible mark it had made in the spiritual scenario of the world as the oldest of all civilization and cultures.

At Kailasanadha Vidyanikethan, I together with my team of dedicated staff members and well-wishers from all walks of life, have made a modest attempt to see that gently but firmly the gap created by the erosion of values is bridge blending the traditional and progressive methods of education.

I hope that with our combined efforts and the purposeful direction we can mould the personality of our children so as to reform and rebuild a nation with physically, mentally and emotionally well - developed citizens upholding our cultural values, thus justifying my vision of a global education for your child.